Brook Hills Adoption Community Group

This group meets quarterly to fellowship and encourage one another. If you would like more information, e-mail us at or connect with us on Facebook.

Adoption Resources

One primary avenue for the Scriptures discussed above to be accomplished through us as the church is through the process of adoption. Below you will find various resources to help inform you about adoption and to assist those families who are currently adopting.

Financial Assistance

In many cases, families have expressed great desire to adopt children, but the financial costs involved in this process can be difficult to handle without the assistance of the faith family and others. As a covenant community, we want to sacrificially care for one another, and to come alongside one another through generous giving to align with the heart of God to accomplish the will of God.

In light of this need, we have partnered together with Lifesong for Orphans to develop an adoption fund designed to help people within our faith family to adopt children for the glory of God. There are several ways that Lifesong partners with the Church at Brook Hills to help families adopt:

  • Approval Process - Lifesong will use questionnaires and an applicant screening process developed in partnership with The Church at Brook Hills in order to determine a family’s eligibility for assistance. Using Lifesong partners to serve Brook Hills members ensures financial and personal confidentiality for families seeking assistance, and requires no additional personnel from The Church at Brook Hills to oversee the application and disbursement process.
  • Matching Grants - After the approval is completed, the Brook Hills Care for Children Fund, as administered by Lifesong, would supply a grant to the adoptive couple for use in the adoption process. It would be set up to “match” a fixed amount that would be given on behalf of the adopting family through friends, family, and small group members. This allows the natural small group and family relationships to participate as a community of faith in the scriptural pattern of caring for orphans.
  • No-Interest Loans - Also subject to approval, the fund would provide a fixed amount loan to members for use toward adoption expenses. The repayment resources would typically come from the tax credits that the US Government currently offers to adoptive families. This allows families who have benefitted from this process to continue helping future families to adopt as they repay their no-interest loan, since the fund is replenished time after time.
  • Simplicity - The Church at Brook Hills and Lifesong partnership reduces the church staff administration work required to mange record keeping and funds disbursement burdens commonly required in adoption funding. Lifesong is able to manage the program effectively and efficiently in screening applicants, providing funds disbursement, and furnishing tax information in accordance with applicable laws.

How to Apply

  1. You may submit an Adoption Grant and Loan Application after your “homestudy” is complete. The Adoption Grant and Loan Application is for Domestic and International Adoptions.
  2. Click HERE to download an application.
  3. Please mail the application to:
    Lifesong for Orphans
    PO Box 9
    Gridley, IL 61744

Make Donations to Lifesong for Orphans

Through our partnership with Lifesong for Orphans we have the opportunity for anyone to be able to give to specifically support the adoption efforts of those in our faith family. Here's how.

Make checks payable to ‘Lifesong for Orphans’. In the memo write ‘preference Brook Hills Fund’. Include a note with the check if you desire, but the memo is sufficient.

Mail the check to:
Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 9
Gridley, IL 61744

If you want to have a donation put into a specific families account, then follow the same process but write the families name and account number in the memo. Again, a written note with the check can be included.

Lifesong will automatically send a tax deductible receipt for every donation of $250 or more and will send a receipt to anyone who asks (if a smaller donation is made).

Adoptive Family Survey

In order to better love, serve, and care for our Foster and Adoptive families we ask that you complete this short survey. Collecting this info will allow us to update our email and contact lists as well as help us plan future educational, equipping, support, and fellowship activities.

Please know that we will guard all confidential info and only ask for the first names of Foster Children. If you have any additional questions or suggestions please email .

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