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We all need community. A place to belong. Friends who will care for us, challenge us, and encourage us. Other Christ-followers with whom we can worship God, serve His church, and pursue His mission. In other words, a faith family, and that’s who we are at The Church at Brook Hills. We’re completely committed to helping one another love Jesus, grow in Jesus, and make disciples of Jesus. We have many ministries working together to make this happen as we strive to both care for our members well and share the gospel of Christ with all who need to hear, whether in Birmingham or around the world. Come and go with us.

Worship With Us

Gathered worship focuses our attention where it belongs: on God. Regularly remembering, celebrating, and proclaiming the gospel fuels the rest of our lives. Not to mention, God clearly calls and commands His church to regularly gather for worship, and we would love to have you join us.

Worship Gatherings

On-Campus: 9:00am & 10:35am
Online: 10:35am
3145 Brook Highland Parkway,
Birmingham AL, 35242
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Global Offering

The Global Offering is the way we invest in the nations and give strategically to advance the gospel around the world and strengthen churches in least-reached contexts.

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Find a Small Group

Small Groups are where life happens at Brook Hills. It's where we really get to know people and invest in one another's lives. It's where we connect with other believers for Bible study, prayer, and friendship.

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This Week

Every week, you can find the sermon video, message notes, prayer guides, worship setlist, and other resources from this Sunday's worship gatherings at the link below.

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By Matt Mason

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