Legacy is Brook Hills' ministry to senior adults. If you are retired, a grandparent, over 60, or love to hang out with those who are, you are invited to join us. Here are some of the ways you can get involved!

Small Groups

Our desire is for every person at Brook Hills to be involved in a Small Group where you can be spiritually encouraged through Bible study, prayer, and meaningful relationships. Everyone is welcome to participate. You can ask about a group at Group Central on Sunday morning, or you can look at this link to Legacy Adult Small Groups!

Quarterly Legacy Link

Until we can meet in person again, we're meeting quarterly online. Join us for a time of inspiration and fellowship. When's the next meeting? Glad you asked. Click here to see upcoming events. 

Brook Hills is partnering with the Legacy Coaliton, whose goal is to equip grandparents to make a greater spiritual impact on their families. They offer a free weekly webinar, Grand Monday Nights, and an annual Legacy Grandparenting Summit. Click here for Legacy Coalition events or here to see info for Brook Hills grandparenting info and events. Please don't confuse the Legacy Coalition with the name of our own senior adult ministry. The grandparenting events are offered to a broader age group than our own Brook Hills Legacy Ministry.

Quarterly Legacy Lunches

When live meetings can resume after Covid, join us at one of our Legacy Lunches. These quarterly meetings allow legacy adults at Brook Hills to get to know other adults beyond their Small Group, while enjoying a meal together and being encouraged spiritually. 

The lunches are most often at church with the main course provided by the church and attendees bringing a side dish, salad, or dessert. Occasionally, we'll do a catered meal and we'll charge $7.50 a person at the door. We love reservations, but there always seems to be plenty of food so you are welcome without a reservation.

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