In obedience to Scripture, Brook Hills has decided that we cannot and will not sit idly by while children are in need of a home to care and provide for their deepest needs in difficult times, whether that is for a short time or for a lifetime. We long to show God's love in our city and around the world in a way that not only serves orphaned and vulnerable children but ultimately honors the Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). As a result, we have dedicated ourselves locally to recruiting and raising up individuals and families to provide for all of the foster care and adoption needs in our county as well as having strategic partnerships in our city where we can strengthen vulnerable and at risk children and families. In addition, we have international partnerships in two strategic areas, Liberia and Pakistan, so orphaned and vulnerable children have access to the gospel and access to life skills development for their future. 

As part of the Brook Hills family, we want you to take your next step in engaging in care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Below is a list of resources to help you get started:

Written by Herbie Newell, a member of our faith family and President/Executive Director of Lifeline Children's Services, Image Bearers is a book that helps us move from being just pro-birth to full embracing being pro-life. This means that not only do we see abortion as a murder, but we also see our apathy against injustice toward outside of the womb as a coconspirator in the fight for life. It means that we fight for racial equality. It means that we love the woman walking into the abortion clinic passionately with the love of Christ, and it means we embrace life no matter what label may be attached to a person's identity.

FOSTER CARE - Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent or coming alongside and supporting a Foster Parent/Family through our Brook Hills WRAP ministry? Maybe you are interested in supporting a local Foster Agency in our community. Whatever your interest, our BH Foster Care team wants to help get you started. Email to engage and receive more information about these opportunities.

ADOPTION - Is God moving your family to consider adoption? Would you like to be more connected to the Brook Hills Adoptive Community? Maybe you would like to financially support someone on the Adoptive Journey through our BH grant process? Either way, our BH Adoption team wants to help get you started. Email to engage and receive more information about these opportunities. 

LOCALLY - Brook Hills strategically partners with organizations and ministries that strengthen vulnerable and at risk children in our city. Engage in one of those opportunities today to help defend the cause of the fatherless and uphold the rights of the oppressed so that the unfailing love of The Father might be known.

GLOBALLY - Brook Hills strategically partners with Lifeline UnAdopted in Liberia and       Pakistan to strengthen orphaned and vulnerable children who will most likely never have the opportunity to be adopted. Through the Global Offering, Brook Hills supports these two efforts providing children with access to the gospel, life skills development for their future, and care-giver training for those who lead the network of orphanages in those communities.