In our Worship Gatherings on Sunday, June 24, Herbie Newell, President of Lifeline Children's Services, taught us from Psalm 46 about "The God Who Seeks the Outcast." As part of his sermon, he gave us a number of practical steps we can take to join the Father of the fatherless in His work in the world. We've provided some helpful links below to help us apply these steps in each of our lives.

1. Pray knowing that our Father is the true hope.

2. Give of our time, talents, and treasure to the work the Lord is doing.

You directly support our efforts as a faith family to execute God's gospel justice in the world whenever you GIVE to The Church at Brook Hills, and we are always so thankful for your generosity.

3. Speak out for the voiceless and serve wholeheartedly the cause of gospel-driven justice around you.

WRAP - ministry to foster children and foster families within our church.

4. Go to all nations spreading the beautiful Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Talk to our Global Team - we send many from our faith family on short-term, mid-term, and long-term mission every single year.