Immediate Need
Opportunity Serve Area Ministry Day
Children's Faith Trainer Local Disciple-Making Children Sunday, Wednesday
Membership Class Hospitality Team Ministry Support Membership Sunday, Saturday
Preschool Foundation Builder Local Disciple-Making Preschool Sunday, Wednesday
Special Needs Local Disciple-Making Children, Preschool, Special Needs Sunday, Wednesday
brookSTORE Ministry Support Sunday
Administrator Local Disciple-Making Preschool Sunday
Adult Small Group Leader Local Disciple-Making Adults, Small Groups Daily
Adult Small Group Leader Sundays @ 4:30 pm Local Disciple-Making Adults, Small Groups Sunday
Behind the Scenes Local Disciple-Making Children Sunday, Wednesday
Cafe Volunteer Local Disciple-Making Students Sunday, Wednesday
Check In Team Local Disciple-Making Preschool Sunday
College Kiosk Volunteer Local Disciple-Making College Sunday
Communion Prep Team Worship Gatherings Sunday
Communion Table Leader Worship Gatherings Sunday
Emergency Medical Response Team Ministry Support Sunday
First Impressions Team Worship Gatherings Sunday
Greeter Worship Gatherings Sunday
Kiosk Volunteer Local Disciple-Making Students Sunday
Large Group Story Teller Local Disciple-Making Preschool Sunday
Large Group Worship Leader Local Disciple-Making Preschool Sunday
Multiplication Team-SG Leader Local Disciple-Making College Daily
Office Support Ministry Support Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Parking Team Worship Gatherings Sunday
Short-Term Trip Leader Global Disciple-Making Global Missions Daily
Song and Praise Team Local Disciple-Making Children Sunday, Wednesday
Special Projects Local Disciple-Making Children Sunday, Wednesday
Stage and Craft Decor Local Disciple-Making Children Sunday, Wednesday
Student Small Group Leader Local Disciple-Making Students Sunday, Wednesday
Usher Worship Gatherings Sunday
Vocal Team Worship Gatherings Worship Sunday
Welcome Desk Worship Gatherings Sunday
Welcome Team Local Disciple-Making Children Sunday, Wednesday
Women's Ministry Communications volunteer Local Disciple-Making Women, Singles 20s-30s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Worship Band Worship Gatherings Worship Sunday
Worship Choir Worship Gatherings Worship Sunday, Wednesday
Worship Guide Team Worship Gatherings Sunday