Small Groups are a big deal.
Small Groups are where life happens at Brook Hills. It's where we really get to know people and invest in one another's lives. It's where we intentionally give and receive spiritual encouragement. It's where we connect with other believers for Bible study, prayer, and friendship.

If you are not connected to a Small Group, the church may feel like a mall as you come and go. But once you are connected and part of a group, and once you have served side-by-side in ministry and mission with a small group of people, the church becomes a place in the center of your life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be connected with other believers in life-changing ways.

Begin your search.
Listed groups are located on our searchable Small Group Directory (find a small group below). You may also pick up a printed copy at the Small Groups Kiosk in the church lobby. Some of our Small Groups are not listed — that may happen for a period of time due to rapid growth or the logistics of space and parking.

Connect with a group.
We would love to partner with you in finding a Small Group that best fits you. Drop-ins are welcome at on-campus groups. The best way to visit an off-campus group is to contact the leader in advance to confirm the time and place. If you need any help finding a Small Group, please contact our team below.

Due to our construction project, only a few groups are currently meeting on campus. Many on-campus groups will return once we occupy our new space and age-group ministries return. Please contact the group leader for more information. 

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Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon

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John Butterfield

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