Check out the links below to look through the list of Small Groups. If you see one you like, just email the leader to get the meeting location and any other group information you’d like to have. New groups are always starting, so check back often.

Small Groups

Group Type Day
Tom & Ginger Vigneulle* Co-ed Sunday
Special Needs Adults* Co-ed Sunday
Chris Martin & Nate Farrow Men Sunday
Ben Beaty & Scott McKnight Men Monday
Ben Chu (Bluff Park) Men Monday
Joe Jacobs (Crestline) Men Tuesday
Women's Community Group* Women Wednesday
Grace Thornton (Hoover) Women Tuesday
Amy Hacker Women Tuesday

Interested in becoming a Small Group Leader?

Submit the application below and someone will be in touch with you soon. All Small Group Leaders are Deacon positions, so please read the Deacon Expectations as well.

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