How long do meetings last?

On-campus groups meet about an hour and a half. Many choose to share a meal, so off-campus groups may vary, depending on the group. Many also stick around to visit together after the meeting is over.

How do I find a small group?

If you are looking for a group, you may want to visit a few. Available groups are located on our online group finder or on our Small Group Directory. A copy of that is also available at the Small Groups Kiosk in the church lobby. Please contact us if we can assist you in finding a group or answering any questions. You may call us at (205) 313-7790.

Do I have to be a Brook Hills member to join a Small Group?

No, anyone is welcome.

What does a typical meeting involve?

A typical meeting would involve 15 minutes of informal discussion, about 15 minutes of sharing prayer requests and praying, and about 30-60 minutes of Bible study discussion.

What do Small Groups study?

Most small groups use a curriculum produced by the church that coordinates with the weekly sermon. Sometimes a group will use a different resource for a season to focus on a specific need of the group. Examples of that might be a short-term study on doctrine, a book of the Bible, marriage, parenting, evangelism, prayer, etc.

What about childcare?

For on-campus small groups that meet on Sunday mornings, Wednesday mornings, and Wednesday evenings, the church provides childcare through age-appropriate ministries for preschoolers, children and students. Small groups that meet in people’s homes each handle childcare differently, so contact the small group leader for more information.

Are there any types of groups organized around a specific need?

We usually offer DivorceCare and DivorceCare 4 Kids in the spring and fall and will periodically offer Surrendering the Secret for women who have experienced abortion. Recovery groups are also offered for sexual addictions. For more information about any specialty small groups, contact Ashley Chesnut by emailing or calling at 205) 313-7790.