Brook Hills has had the great privilege of having been in a partnership with Oliver Elementary School in Gate City for over a decade, a partnership known as “Love Oliver.”

Last year, because of your amazing generosity, we were able to provide classroom supplies, clothing needs, physical education equipment, teacher appreciation meals and gifts, student learning and attendance incentives, and a brand-new outdoor classroom for the students and teachers of Oliver Elementary School! Outdoor learning spaces like the one Brook Hills provided have been proven to increase standardized test scores, enhance attitude about school, improve in-school behavior, improve attendance, and overall enhance student achievement. Thank you, Brook Hills, for working to end the educational gap at Oliver Elementary School!


How will this year’s offering be used? 

With a goal of $40,000 this year, the Love Oliver offering will be used in a variety of ways. First, as we have for over a decade, we will provide classroom supplies for each and every classroom at Oliver. This keeps parents from having to provide expensive supplies and teachers from having to purchase them out of their own pockets. In addition to supplies, we will give each child a backpack, a giftcard to purchase a new pair of shoes (or other necessity), and an Oliver Elementary School t-shirt to be worn on field trips and at club competitions. Our hope is that every student will come to class on the first day equipped with the things they need to be successful.

This year, in addition to the basic needs of students, we are also raising money to renovate the soccer field at Oliver. As it currently sits, the field is always soggy and if it rains, becomes unusable for several days. Our goal is to sand and seed the field and work with the school board to install proper drainage. If your giving allows, we will also install new tables in the outdoor space by the soccer fields. Our goal is to make the field and surrounding area useable year-round for both Physical Education classes during school hours and for NorthStar Soccer after-school.

We know that because of your abundant generosity, we will raise enough to cover both the cost of the school supplies and the renovation of the soccer field! Any additional funds raised will go toward other school and community needs in the Love Oliver Zone.

We want every child and family at Oliver Elementary to have both the opportunity to receive an education and to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. By helping with the first, we also get the chance to help with the second.