The Great Commission Is Church Work

Jesus commanded the church to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18-20). We confess this Great Commission every Sunday to conclude our gatherings because this vision drives our devotion to fulfill this calling.

The Least-Reached Define Our Target

Jesus alone is worthy of the worship of all peoples, yet around two billion remain beyond the current reach of the gospel. The breadth of the Great Commission—“all nations”—demands we send missionaries and steward our resources beyond where disciples currently exist to those nations that remain without disciples and without access to the good news.

The Church Among Them Defines Our Aim

Jesus promised, “I will build my church.” The book of Acts reveals His ongoing work to do just what He promised and we get the privilege of being a part.

We’ve summarized how this priority shapes our trajectory in ministry through an acrostic called PLANT, because everything we desire to accomplish centers on planting churches for the glory of Christ.

The Church Is Our Strategy, and We Each Have a Role to Play

We Send

Jesus expects His church to be on the move and that starts by embracing intentionality to shape our lives around the Great Commission. As we encourage one another along these lines, as the church we also assess, develop, affirm, and send credible messengers of the gospel to the nations.


We Sustain

Caring for our missionaries matters. Each Mid-Termer and Long-Termer develops an A-Team of members of the church who regularly meet to pray and serve alongside those who were sent out in tangible ways. We also have regular rhythms of including those sent out in our worship gatherings, regularly praying for them personally and corporately, and supporting them through our regular tithes and offerings and our annual Global Offering each December.


We Strengthen

We work with partners around the world. We strive for each of these partnerships to be mutually beneficial where we not only can serve our partner’s needs, but also where they can strengthen us in ministry.