written by: Grace S.

I remember sitting in worship gatherings at The Church at Brook Hills over the past three years thinking, “Ok, I see God’s desire and plan to make His name known among all nations and I want to be a part of it… but how?” Certainly, praying and giving are integral aspects of the mission He has called us to, but He was also giving me a desire to go. The problem? I’m a normal 27 year-old accountant. I’m not a college kid with free summers or a retiree with a life’s savings at my disposal. Was I going to have to quit my job, raise support, and move to a jungle? It turns out that God is much more creative than our limited ideas of what a missionary is.

He first began to teach me that the Great Commission applies to my job in Birmingham. He gave me opportunities to build relationships with co-workers over lunch and taught me to seek to love people like Christ, all while auditing financial statements. And He forgave me and gave more opportunities when I chickened out of or stumbled through sharing the gospel. Then over time, He began to whisper, “See what I’m having you do here? Working, building relationships, sharing the gospel. I’ve got CPA firms all over the world… you could do this there too.”

So that’s what I’m doing, I’ve been working in South East Asia for two weeks on a 3-month exchange program with my firm (I didn’t have to quit, God provided a way through the job He had already given me). I still work in an office and I still build relationships over lunch (although now it’s Korean bbq instead of Dreamland). I’m also still stumbling through sharing the gospel and praying God uses me to draw people to Himself. I’m amazed at how kind and intentional He has been. He has provided friendships with co-workers and a community of fellow believers in just two weeks. He has stretched me in new ways and has forced me to lean on Him more than I ever have!! My prayer is that I will take advantage of the time and opportunities He has given me. I am also eagerly praying that God will provide more opportunities for our church to use the skills He has given us to proclaim the gospel in Birmingham AND get to the unreached peoples of the world.

Grace S. is currently working and serving in South East Asia. She has been a member of The Church at Brook Hills since 2010. She loves spending time with her family and small group. She also enjoys music and sports. Most recently she has been recruited to her company's volleyball team. To hear more on vocation as mission, listen to a message on "The Cross and the Christian's Work" by David Platt.