As a child I had the most wonderful dreams — dreams of sweet-smelling flowers and grassy fields, of heaven and angels and the laughter of children. I knew that Allah sent these sweet dreams because he was pleased with me. After all, my mom and I prayed faithfully toward Mecca five times a day.

But when I went away to college, life was full of new things to experience. Before long, I began to feel so guilty because of the things I had done. My heart grieved because Allah had not sent me one of his sweet dreams in a long time. I knew that he wasn’t pleased with me anymore, and as each day passed, the shame of who I had become grew deeper and deeper.

One night I had a new dream. I saw a man — a man I had never met before, but my heart knew His name. Jesus. I watched as He picked up a nail and hammered it into the middle of the wood floor. He glanced at me, but I couldn’t figure out what He was doing. When I awoke, I was afraid and confused.

A few months later, my neighbor began to tell me a story about God and a man named Jesus. “Jesus?” I repeated, my heart beating faster. “Yes, Jesus,” she replied. “He is the Son of God but He came to earth and died on a cross to forgive sin.”

When she finished His story, I knew that this Jesus was the man of my dream. He wasn’t angry with me — He loved me. He took my punishment for sin, and it’s in Him that I can be free from my burden of shame.



  • Pray for God to bless many Chinese Muslims with dreams of Jesus and then with opportunities to hear the gospel. As they hear the truth, pray that they will believe!

  • Pray for God to send thousands of harvesters (missionaries) into His harvest among the Hui, Salar and Dongxiang who will search for those seeking Jesus and boldly proclaim the gospel.


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