I recently came back from a short-term trip working with our Central Asian Church-Planting Team, and while it was a challenging trip in many ways, one of my favorite stories from the week involved two college girls that I met at Starbucks. Some girls I had tried to talk to at Starbucks had just left, so I sat and prayed about who God might bring my way.

Literally, as soon as I finished praying, two abaya-wearing college girls sat down at the table next to me, so I started chatting with them. When I asked what they like to do for fun, they mentioned not having time for that right now because they're so busy getting ready for mid-terms (which were the following week). So it seemed like this would be a one-time conversation without the opportunity to follow-up with them before our team left the country.

They - like every abaya-wearing female I met on this trip - asked why I covered my hair. I explained that, as a guest in their country, I wanted to respect their culture. They thanked me for covering, and the one girl who had just commented on how busy studying she was proceeded to invite me and my ministry partner over to her family's home for dinner the next night! The two of us went, and we ended up meeting about 15 women (all of the women in her family) and got to share many things about Christianity and what we believe with them. 


Because of our transportation issues, one of our local partners ended up picking us up from their home, which meant that this wife was able to meet the family (and stay an hour and be fed as well). I got a message this week that the wife went with this family to their village, was able to give them a Bible, and share the gospel with them! So I'm praying that this local family will be curious about the Bible, read it, and that God would give them understanding and faith to believe. Would you stop right now and pray for Muslims - like this sweet family - to recognize the lie of Islam and the truth of the gospel and to be willing to follow Jesus?