The gift of becoming parents to our two children has been one of the most joyful seasons in our life, but with that joy also came a great responsibility. We were both blessed to be raised in Christian homes. However, the threads of the gospel did not always connect what we were learning on Sundays to how we lived throughout the week. The church was often the primary place for instruction and discipleship instead of the home.

When we became parents, we desired to be intentional and purposeful in our parenting, particularly when it came to matters of our faith and the gospel. We also desire for our children to see us living out our faith with other believers in community, so when we learned about the New Parent Commissioning class and service, we chose to participate alongside several other couples in our small group. Our desire was to covenant to one another as parents in raising our children in gospel-centered homes.

During the New Parent Commissioning we learned that by the age of five, much of a child’s concept of God is already formed. What an important reminder of the urgency of being purposeful in the conversations we have with our children, the prayers we pray for and over them, and the example of the gospel that we live out before them. We believe that the most important avenue for discipleship is found in the relationships with our children. We are grateful that Brook Hills has presented this class as an opportunity to further equip parents in this mission.

Laurabeth & Brad Barnett (London, 3 & Paul, 17 months)

When Jessica and I were expecting our first child last year, we knew we wanted to disciple our son so that he would know and trust in Christ from a very early age. However, upon his arrival we quickly learned that while having a goal is great, working out the details can be difficult. What does discipleship look like when our child is small? What are other families in our church doing so we can get out of this rut in our family devotions?

These and other questions made us realize we needed patience. Frustrations abounded every week. We needed not only new ideas but also the prayers and accountability from our church so that we could persevere when it gets hard. The First Steps Class and the New Parent Commissioning could not have come at a better time for us. In the class we got a glimpse of what discipleship might look like given a child’s various stages of development. At our New Parent Commissioning we were surrounded in prayer by our faith family.

Through your prayers we know God will provide everything we need to parent well. As our families commit to raising children unto the Lord, many will learn how much grace is needed for every step. We are grateful to be provided this crucial support for the journey.

Jared & Jessica Kime (Elliot, 1)

Parents must attend a session of the First Steps Class to be a part of the New Parent Commissioning that will take place in all three of our Worship Gatherings on Sunday, October 25. To register or learn more visit