Our church has been graced and gifted with many women with diverse gifts and abilities over the years. I have been blessed the past couple of months to take time to read and think through the challenge and truth of a 30-day devotion entitled Unshakable Pursuit by one of those Brook Hills women, Grace Thornton.


Grace writes a simple yet challenging daily mixture of wonderful stories of diverse people she has met around the world and educates us on their cultural dynamics while wrapping up each day with a gospel focused personal challenge.  All the while, she reinforces to the reader that Jesus is pursuing us each day, in varied ways, with His love and grace and is also pursuing unbelievers around the world.


This has been a great read and one I will come back to in coming years. Let me encourage you to consider purchasing this book as a gift of blessing this Christmas season for yourself or a friend…..or anyone, anytime of year!


Click here to purchase Unshakable Pursuit.