Surajit Nayak will never know the struggles his mother endured before he was born. He’s only 2 years old, so he can’t understand his father’s mental disabilities that keep him from steady work. Surajit won’t remember the times his family couldn’t afford to pay for food or rent or medical care.

And while he still lives in a small home that his family shares with his grandparents, aunts and uncles, he will only remember a clean, bright home filled with smiles and toys and laughter.

Two years ago, Surajit’s mother, China, discovered she was pregnant with her first child. She loved her husband, and was fiercely protective of him, but could not depend on him to support their growing family. Her in-laws were kind, but had few resources themselves.

“Sometimes I felt helpless thinking about our future, because we have to depend on others for everything as we do not have our own income,” says China. “I felt helpless thinking how I will provide for my child as he grows up. That brings in discouragement at times.”

Just a few months before giving birth to her son, China heard about the Majurnacha Child Survival Program (CSP) in her community. She was interviewed by the CSP workers and based on her family’s need, she was quickly accepted into the program. For the first time, China had the support of people who could help extend her limited family funds. She received prenatal care, and she came home from the center with food and vitamins.

When China finally gave birth to her son, Surajit, she was amazed at her child’s good health — so different from the other children in her community. She felt confident as a mother and was able to learn vocational skills at the center — sewing and bag making.

“The Child Survival Program has changed my life,” says China. “It made me a better mother and a homemaker. I knew nothing before enrolling in the program. I have learned about child care, family planning, good health practices, personal hygiene, need for timely immunization, how to use the hygiene items, different income-generating skills and how to become a responsible mother. After enrolling in CSP I have also learned to read and write. My child is getting nutritious food and vitamins because of which he is healthy. His developments are better compared to our community’s children. He is quick to learn.”

Today Surajit is an active, happy 2-year-old. While he has displayed some limited learning disabilities, China knows the workers at the Child Survival Program will stand by her and her son, helping him and the entire family. And China can dream of a different future for her child — one bright with possibilities.

“My dream for my child is that he may grow up and have a bright future. My hope is that I can become independent with the skills I am learning in CSP so that I can support the family.”
This story was provided for us by Compassion International. It represents the stories of many mothers and children who are receiving assistance and exposure to the gospel of Jesus Christ because of our giving. We currently support twelve Child Survival Programs, eleven in India and one in Ethiopia. For more information about Compassion's CSPs visit their site. To sponsor a child with Compassion's Child Development through Sponsorship program, go to our page on their site. Do you currently sponsor with Compassion, join our Facebook group and let us know your story.