All mothers are the same around the world. Whether a mother lives in poverty or enough, both have the same hopes and dreams for their children. Both want healthy children. Both want opportunity for their child to develop. Both want their children to succeed in whatever they do. In most cases a mother desires what is best for her children no matter where she lives.

Yesterday our team visited one of the 21 Child Survival Programs Brook Hills sponsors in India. We were welcomed into the church by singing and flowers. It was an honor to be in the presence of such beautiful mothers and their children. During a presentation, a few of the mothers had the opportunity to give testimony to what the Lord was doing in their life. One mother in particular really touched my heart.

Her name is Bhanna. She was dressed in a beautiful yellow saree and had a sweet countenance that made you enage quickly to what she was saying. She began to tell about how she got pregnant with her first child a few years ago. But shortly she lost the baby before she was able to deliver. She described how devastating that was to lose her child. To add insult to injury, her mother-in-law was cruel to her, calling her cursed because she could not provide a child for her husband. In Indian culture, the family is the base of society. It is very important. Marriages are arranged and bearing children is what gives most women high value. As you can imagine this was a very difficult time for Bhanna.

Bhanna went on to describe how she and her husband kept trying to have children, but she lost 3 more babies due to misscarriages. She began to weep as she described her despair. But it all changed when she was given the chance to be a part of the CSP. After getting pregnant again, one day she was introduced to the SASA Child Survival Program and the case workers at the church began to visit her, pray for her and give her encouragement as she struggled through her situations. She described how she received good education on prenatal care, how to eat nutritious meals, gather information on how to take care of the baby properly once it was born, and most importantly she heard about Christ.

We all rejoiced when we heard her say that her first born son was now 1 1/2 years old and that she is expecting again and that everything is looking good. She gave praise and glory to God for giving her the gift of a child and for how he has changed her life by being able to participate in the CSP.

Church these are the stories of lives being impacted for the Glory of God. He is accomplishing great things and making His name known in India in a little church where 45 women gather with their babies and not only get confidence through education and knowledge but confidence because of knowing Christ. Thank you on behalf of Bhanna and the other women in this CSP who are receiving from your sacrifice.