Boundaries & Healthy Relationships Workshop for Women

How do I set boundaries with people in my life? How do I cultivate healthy relationships in my life and end unhealthy ones? How do I stay away from unhealthy relationships in my life for good? What makes setting boundaries so difficult, and is it ok for believers to set boundaries or limits with people?

If these are some questions about relationships in your life, then listen to this workshop with our own Brook Hills member, Kelley Cousins Jones, hosted in April 2019. Download the handouts above for maximum benefit as you listen to the audio teaching.

Kelley is a seasoned local counselor who helps us understand boundaries as Christian women and be better equipped to navigate various relationships in our lives.

The workshop content applies to various types of relationships - romantic, families, coworkers, friends, etc. and includes discussion on common scenarios in regards to boundaries in relationships, but is not designed as a personal counseling session.