"Joy & Wonder" Activity & Discussion Guide

Use this guide as an individual, a small group, or as a family alongside The Church at Brook Hills’ Joy and Wonder album to help you meditate on Jesus’ first advent and to praise Him for what He...

Adult Small Group Values

A listing of Small Group Values for use in Adult Small Groups.
Baptism & Membership FAQ

Baptism & Membership FAQ

Best Path for Adult Small Group Leadership

This document contains an ideal path for people considering involvement in small group leadership. Please note that some variation may be allowed based on circumstances.
Birmingham Resource Guide

Birmingham Resource Guide

Our Birmingham Resource Guide is a helpful guide to no cost and low-cost resources in the Birmingham Metro Area. ...
Brook Hills Kids 5-Year Bible Memory Plan

Brook Hills Kids 5-Year Bible Memory Plan

To help you understand the Bible memory plan’s big picture, we have prepared this document showing the full five-year scope, the basis for passage selection, placement and additional information....
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