Orphanology by Tony Merida and Rick Morton

Orphanology unveils the grassroots movement that’s engaged in a comprehensive response to serve hundreds of millions of orphans and “functionally parentless” children.
You’ll see a breadth of ways to care with biblical perspective and reasons why we must. Heartwarming, personal stories and vivid illustrations from a growing network of families, churches, and organizations that cross culture show how to respond to God’s mandate. The book empowers:
- churches—to plan preaching, teaching, ministering, missions, funding adoption, supporting orphans;
- individuals and families—to overcome challenges and uncertainties;
- every believer—to gain insights to help orphans in numerous ways.
Discover how to
- adopt;
- assist orphans in transition;
- engage in foster care;
- partner with faith-based fostering agencies;
- become orphan hosts.
Along with their families’ adoption stories, Merida and Morton give steps for action and features on churches doing orphan ministry, faith-based children’s homes, orphan-hosting groups, and other resources.