At the Church at Brook Hills we want to be the people of God praying for the mission of God for the glory of God. And while this is a mark of our faith family in normal times, may it be even more in this season when the world is in distress and for those without hope in Christ. There are two ways we will pray:

  1. For our Mission Partners – including Mid-Termers and Long-Termers sent out from The Church at Brook Hills to the nations.
  2. For the Nations – especially for those who do not have access to the gospel and are without hope of eternity in Christ.

Most of our Brook Hills Mid-Termers and Long-Termers continue to shelter in place and are in somewhat stable situations, much like we have here. At this point none have contracted the virus. Praise God for providing for His people and for protecting them from the virus.
Pray for the now six Brook Hills families who were evacuated to the U.S. and are currently under quarantine for 14-days. Pray for their mind to be set on Christ and for God to give peace that comes with faith in knowing Him.


Pray for our mission partners who remain in these countries, that God would give them boldness to share the gospel, especially now. Pray for God to open unique doors for interaction with their neighbors and those they cannot physically engage right now.
All of our Mid-Termers and Long-Termers feel hindered in the work of ministry due to the pandemic. This means as long as this continues there are people without the gospel who have less access to the gospel right now. Pray Psalm 98:2 – that God would make known his salvation in the site of the nations and particularly in the groups of people, families, tribes that have little to no knowledge of the gospel now. Pray for God to open the way for our missionaries to get back out soon for the spread of the gospel in the world. For grace and wisdom in knowing what they can do to have patience in the waiting for what they cannot do. All so that God’s name might be known, exalted and enjoyed among all the peoples of the earth.


**We will be updating these prayer requests each week. Please check back for new ways to pray.