We didn’t pick Marks Village, God did. Almost 3 years ago we felt convicted that we needed to serve locally and the only thing we knew was that we wanted to serve together. We walked up to the local missions kiosk after service and found out about a meeting happening that night to start a Bible Club in Marks Village, a public subsidized housing community in northeast Birmingham. We went and have been going every Sunday afternoon since, all the while God giving us more of His love for His people.

A few months after the Bible Club meeting we got married, and have served there our entire marriage. Marks Village has made sure that our relationship is centered on serving God and making Him known. It keeps us grounded.

The Bible Club began with 30 children a week and has grown to over a hundred. We have parents who come watch their children learn and moms who volunteer alongside us. This Fall we began a women’s small group. God is moving in spectacular ways.

On November 1st we invite your family or small group to serve with us in Marks Village for our annual Fall Festival. This is a wonderful time to remind the families in Marks Village that they are loved! It is also a wonderful way to reach new families in the community!

As the Bible Club has been a way for us to serve with each other, we know that you will be encouraged as God works through your family or small group as you serve together. We’ve experienced it in
our relationship, and there is nothing like the Spirit-bond created when working for Christ’s mission together.

Your group can host an activity booth, painting faces, tossing beanbags — all for the glory of God! If you are interested in joining us, contact Dimity Leath (). You can also donate gently-loved stuffed animals for the festival (collected in the lobby), and if you are a health or dental care professional, contact Hanna Taylor () if you want to help with health screenings happening that day.

The children and parents in Marks Village need to see the body of Christ, and as a church we have much to bring. He loved us first, and our cup overflows. God is doing beautiful things, and even greater things are yet to come. Come see what God has done!

Jesse and Halie Kawell have been members of our faith family for three years. They are co-founders of Oak Tree Ministries in Marks Village with Dimity and Alex Leath, lead a college small group, and love to sing in the choir.