We are prayerfully about two months out from breaking ground on our new campus development project, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening. On the contrary, lots has been going on in preparation and progress has even already been made on some of the projects components. Here's a quick overview of all we've been working on since the project was approved at the end of last year.

  • Live Design, our architecture firm, in conjunction with key ministry leaders have been diligently working to finalize the design and construction plans.
  • JohnsonKreis, our construction contractor, have been working along the way to provide cost estimates to help us guage where we are in our planning and ensure we keep the scope of the project within our financial parameters. A final cost has not yet been provided because we need the final construction plans to do so. This should all happen by early June.
  • We have a church who has expressed interest in our modulars to help them a new church plant endeavor. Everything seems to be moving forward, which means we are going to be able to help out another church along the way. If all goes according to plan, the modulars outisde our main building should be removed by late June.
  • Earlier this week, our staff had a "spring cleaning" day to begin preparing for the beginning of this project. We cleaned out a lot from the modulars as well as other parts of campus. We were able to donate many goods to Vapor Thrift Store.
  • We've already begun to update our current Preschool Ministry space. If you haven't yet had reason to walk through the hallway leading to the South Annex, let us give you a look at what you've been missing.