The proposed General Ministry Budget for 2024 is $9,282,000, and comes at the recommendation of our Administrative Elder Team, Pastoral Staff Team, Stewardship Ministry Team, and Elder Council. It represents a 3% increase over the current year. Perhaps more importantly, we are pleased to present a budget that remains philosophically consistent with recent years. Though organized across a variety of ministry areas, there are five main “buckets” into which our spending can be categorized: Missions (15.7%), Church Ministries (5.6%), Operations (16%), Debt Management and Capital Expenses (8.7%), and Personnel (54.0%). 
In order to fund the proposed budget for 2024, we will need to receive, on average, $178,500 per week. Some of you choose to give each week in one of our worship gatherings, while others prefer to give online at Regardless of how you give, thank you for your faithfulness, generosity, and sacrifice. 

Budget At a Glance

Detailed Budget

We are offering three Budget Information Meetings: Sunday, November 26 at 9:00am and 10:35am in the Community Room and Wednesday, November 29 at 6:30pm in Room B304. These sessions will include a more detailed budget presentation and time for questions and answers. A special e-mail address, budgetqa@, has also been set up as an avenue for members to submit questions related to the proposed budget. After two weeks of prayerful consideration, we will ask the church body for a vote of affirmation regarding this recommendation on Sunday, December 3, in each of our worship gatherings.