Our hope is that every college student on every campus in and around Birmingham will come to know Christ.

The purpose and goal of Small Groups is to be the fuel to the mission. Believers encourage and equip each other to know God and make Him known. Our Small Groups meet throughout the week in various places across the Birmingham area. If you're interested in being part of a Small Group, take a look at the list below, and contact the leader.

Small Groups

Group Type Day
Abby Plott and Allyson Ferguson Women Monday
Adam Lamb Men Varies
Alex Aerni and Sydney Hazlewood Women Thursday
Alex Gray Men Tuesday
Ashleigh Martin and Kasey Hagen Women Thursday
CJ Noble Men Varies
Caitlin Irby Women Tuesday
Cate Powell Women Monday
Chad Cortner Men Wednesday
Chris Klug Men Varies
Daniel Barber Men Varies
Ethan Sanders and Johnny Frees Men Friday
Jared Brickhouse and Jarrod Smith Men Friday
Johnny Frees Men Varies
Josh Sumrall Men Sunday
Katherine Keith and Amanda Moehlis Women Monday
Special Needs Adults - Goetz-Aderhold (11am)* Co-ed Sunday

Lead a Small Group

Leading a group is a great challenge, yet it's very rewarding. It's a sacrifice of time and energy, but definitely worth it to see lives changed, friendships built, and spiritual encouragement shared.

Becoming a Small Group Leader is an intentional process to protect and care for our church. We desire to establish relationships and equip new leaders through this process in order to create a firm foundation for each group.

Leader Application

Email the College Ministry Team