At The Church at Brook Hills, we have opportunities to go on short-term trips, mid-term assignments, or as long-term missionaries to support our field partners and nurture the church where it does exist, or plant new churches where they don’t exist.

Go Short-Term

A pathway to making disciples of all nations at The Church at Brook Hills is through short-term trips, serving on a team in another context for up to two weeks. We design our short-term trips to proclaim the gospel, strengthen our partners, and advance church-centric missions, all while serving in a manner that safeguards against cultural and contextual missteps.


Short-Term Trip Requirements

Go Mid-Term

Mid-term is for people who are willing to spend a summer, a semester, or a year or two sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context and contributing to church-planting or church-strengthening efforts. Mid-Term is an assignment of 1 month-2 years and is beneficial for those who are seeking to discern the best opportunity and readiness for being a long-term missionary.

Mid-Term Requirements and Process

Go Long-Term

Long-term is for people the Lord has gifted, equipped, and affirmed through our assessment and development process who are committing to serve overseas for three or more years. Long-term missionaries plant their lives among the least-reached as they seek to plant churches by preaching a clear gospel and discipling others or strengthening church work in their areas.

Overview of Going Long-Term 

This document outlines the process of assessment from affirmation to partnership that is necessary to be sent by The Church at Brook Hills.

LONG-Term Requirements and Process

Go Through Marketplace Pathways

God is opening doors for Christians to enter least-reached contexts through opportunities to work. Accountants, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and many others are finding themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with people who have never heard the gospel.

We come alongside those considering marketplace avenues to identify areas of needed development and assess the opportunity. There are certain areas around the world where we have existing partners and strategic work and we would want those entering this pathway to consider strengthening those efforts as a priority. If you are considering this avenue, the earlier we can begin conversations the better. Reach out to to start a conversation.