Give to the Global Offering

Global Offering is the functional way we sustain our Long-Termers and Mid-Termers on the field, raise up future globally-minded Christians, and invest in strategic initiatives to send the gospel forward and strengthen church planting in least-reached contexts. This fund is gathered each year as the funds for the previous year are spent investing in good work around the globe. Giving to the Global Offering can occur throughout the year, but this offering receives special emphasis in the month of December.

Join an A-Team

One way to get more involved globally is through our A-Teams. A-Teams exist as the front line of Member Care for our Mid-Termers and Long-Termers. We use the model of partnership from Philippians to guide our A-Teams: Affection, Advance, Advocacy, and Assistance. A-Teams are a strategic partnership with a specific missionary, committing to a monthly prayer focus and more. If you’d like more info about this or would like to get involved, please contact .