Adoptive & Foster Family Survey

In order to better love, serve, and care for out Adoptive and Foster Families we ask that you complete this short survey.

Collecting this info will allow us to update our email and contact lists as well as help us plan future educational, equipping, support, and fellowship activities. Please know that we will guard all confidential info and only ask for the first names of Foster Children.

  • If applicable
  • Please specify whose phone number, for example: Jane, Work


  • This is my...
  • This is my...
  • This is my...
  • This is my...
  • This is my...


  • Are you an adoptive parent?
  • Adoption Status
  • (Private, DHR, Lifeline, ANCH, APAC Heart Gallery, Other)
  • Did you adopt domestically or internationally?
  • Are you part of an Adoptive Family Support Groups?
  • Are you a foster parent?
  • Are you currently licensed and accepting placements?
  • Are you in the licensing process (GPS Class)?
  • Do you attend the BH Foster Family Support Group on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday nights?
  • Would you like more information on this Family Support Group?
  • Do you attend any other Foster Family Support Group?
  • Which of the following would be of interest to you?
  • Are you currently receiving any of these services through other avenues?