A Small Group Leader is first and foremost a committed follower of Christ. They are a person who has an authentic and growing relationship with Christ and is seeking to make disciples in the context of Student Ministry. The goal of a Small Group Leader is to build Christ-centered relationships with students and their families in order to teach and live out the gospel. Small groups are intended to connect students and parents with godly leaders who invest in their lives on a consistent basis to produce disciples and disciple-makers of this generation and many to come. In Student Ministry, leaders lead during one of the small group times (Sunday at 9:00am, Sunday at 10:35am, or Wednesday at 6:30pm) every week alongside a co-leader. We provide our leaders with curriculum and discussion questions to go through with their groups. This is a minimum one-year commitment (relationships take time and consistency).

Opportunity Details

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  • Day

    Sunday, Wednesday
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    · 205-313-7746