Special Needs Buddies volunteer to serve with preschool, children, and students as they learn and grow in Christ while in their weekly ministry activities at Brook Hills.  We ask Buddies to make a school year (September-June) commitment to their child or teen if possible.

In some cases, a child's needs for a Buddy may be determined in part by a particular diagnosis, and in other cases by the expressed needs of the child or family.  This information can be shared with a prospective Buddy as they explore their ability to serve

Immediate opportunities:

  • A male to serve as a Buddy with a student (6-12th grade) needing assistance with classroom activities and transitioning from large group to small group.
  • A Buddy to serve with 2 K5 boys needing supervision and help managing a large group activity center environment and supervision transitioning to playground and back to large group environment.


Opportunity Details

  • Serve Area

    Special Needs
  • Ministry

    Adults, College, Legacy Adults, Men, Preschool, Singles 20s/30s, Special Needs, Women
  • Day

  • Recurrence

  • Contact

    · 205-313-7791