If you’ve visited our church’s website over the past week, you might have thought to yourself, “Wait a minute. Am I at the right place? This looks different.” Well, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. After months of diligent work we are very pleased to launch a new version of brookhills.org.

Our website is much more than an online brochure for The Church at Brook Hills. It’s more than a communication tool, an information provider, or a sermon library. It’s all those things, certainly, but it’s so much more because it is the digital representation of us as a faith family. It’s yet another opportunity for us to serve and care for one another well and a place where we can engage with people all over the world who will never be able to enter into our building for a Sunday Worship Gathering.

So, with that in mind, here are a few highlights:

  • New Menu - We’ve restructured our site’s organization into a new menu that is available on any page. This makes different areas much more readily accessible and the entire site easier to navigate.
  • Lots of Images - One of the biggest changes you’ll notice on the new site is how many pictures there are, not just graphics, but actual images of our faith family glorifying God by making disciples of all nations.
  • New Homepage - We still have a carousel of rotating graphics to feature important happenings in the life of our faith family. However, we’ve also added the latest sermon and resources just below along with a featured story and upcoming ministry events we want you to be a part of.
  • Lots of Resources - We have a whole new resource section that continues to provide our weekly Bible reading, prayer emphases, faith family worship guides, and sermons. This is now also a place where you can access our original music and Institute for Disciple-Making as well as a resource library provided and continually updated by our ministries and pastors to both equip our faith family and the Church at large.
  • Missionary Map - One of the new features we are most excited about is an interactive map that provides a place to highlight all those we have sent out from our faith family into other parts of North America and around the world. Here you can not only learn more about them and the work they are doing but most importantly ways you can be praying.

There’s so much more to discover, and we encourage everyone to get reacquainted with our website whether you’re a frequent visitor or have never seen it before. This is an exciting season in the life of The Church at Brook Hills as we reaffirm our commitment to all God has called us to do while continuing to look to His guidance for how to grow in our love and understanding of Him and care for one another. Our prayer is for our website to be a useful and integral part of this new season and for its use to bring God much glory.

If you have thoughts or suggestions as you interact with the site, we’d love to hear from you. Simply contact our Web Coordinator, Megan Sims, at .

Brook Hills Communications Team