An exciting time has come in our campus development project. We are about to gain the use of part of our new parking lot and also begin construction of our new lobby. However, this also means we will no longer have the use of our old lobby for a period of 4-5 months. Beginning Monday, October 28, most of the main lobby will be closed including the doors we use as primary entrances into our Worship Center. The first Sunday we’ll feel the impact of these changes will be November 3. Below is some important information to help us all navigate this period of transition.



  • We will soon open a portion of our new North Parking Lot. However, this will not be ready for Sunday, November 3.
  • Along with a portion of the new North Parking Lot, we will also open two new sidewalks, one leading to and from our Student Center and the Lobby Entrance into our main building and another leading to and from our 119 Entrance.
  • We will also still have the use of our current sidewalks from our West and South Parking Lots.
  • We will continue to offer golf cart shuttles to and from our main building and a shuttle bus to and from our overflow parking at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen.


  • Our Lobby Entrance will still provide access to a limited lobby area with access to the restrooms, elevator, Courtyard, and Preschool Hallway.
  • Our 119 Entrance is ideal for anyone coming first to worship who does not need to first drop off at Preschool or Children’s Ministries.
  • We will continue to have access to our Preschool and Playground Entrances.


  • A large temporary wall will be built down the length of our Lobby where the current concrete columns are located while construction of the new Lobby gets underway. This wall will cover the current doors into our Worship Center.
  • We will have a limited Lobby with access to our restrooms, elevator, Welcome Desk, Preschool Hallway, and Courtyard.
  • Our Giving Kiosk will remain where it is currently located.


  • Entrance into our Worship Center from the Lobby will be through the Courtyard. A temporary covered walkway will be constructed to help guard against the elements.
  • Our 119 Entrance is also available for accessing the Worship Center and is ideal for anyone coming to worship who does not need to first drop off at Preschool or Children’s Ministries.
  • We will also have access to the Worship Center through our Backstage door in the first-floor Preschool Hallway and through our Balcony door near the second-floor Preschool Hallway and Office area. These entrances will be available until worship gatherings begin. They will then open again after worship gatherings and will be accessible from the left side of the Worship Center for exit.
  • The Backstage door will be useful especially for parents needing to access the first-floor Preschool Hallway.
  • The Balcony door will be particularly helpful for anyone needing access to the second-floor Preschool Hallway, Office area, or third-floor Children’s Ministry.
  • While our main worship doors will remain unavailable throughout this construction phase, they will be accessible for exit in the case of emergency. They will never be locked, will open as usual, and will exit through doorways in the temporary construction wall.


  • With entrances open to the outside elements, our Worship Center may be cooler than usual. You might want to consider keeping a jacket with you for worship.
  • Restrooms will still be available in our Lobby area. However, they will only be accessible during Worship Gatherings though the Courtyard doors.
  • We also currently have three family restrooms available in the back of the Worship Center. However, we will lose access to two of these over the course of this phase of construction so they can be renovated as part of our new Nursing Mother’s Room.
  • Please encourage your children to use the restroom before coming into worship.
  • Our desire is for families to worship together, but we also recognize how challenging this can be with infants and young toddlers. Many of us are used to being able to easily slip out into the lobby if they ever get too restless or need changing or feeding. This will now be a bit more challenging. However, our Preschool Ministry is here to help and would love to share with you about how they are ready to care for your children while you worship. Simply visit them in the Preschool Hallway.
  • We all know life happens, and sometimes we just cannot get to Worship Gatherings on time, no matter how hard we try. When arriving after the beginning of a gathering, the entrances available will be through our Courtyard door or our 119 Entrance.
  • Whenever possible, please plan to stay until the conclusion of our worship gatherings in order to minimize any disruptions or distractions.
  • If you ever need any help or information, please visit the Welcome Desk in the Lobby or the temporary Welcome Area near our 119 Entrance.

While excited about all the progress we are making in our Campus Development Project, we also recognize this season will present some unique challenges and opportunities for us as a faith family. Our prayer is for God to use this time to stretch us in new ways and to grow us in our unity with one another and our dependence upon Him. Thank you all for your patience and flexibility. If you notice any areas that may need attention, please don’t hesitate to let us know.