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For Parents of Preschoolers

Bible Story

Big Picture Question & Answer

  • Why did God create everything? God created everything for His glory.

Scripture Memory

  • Younger Preschoolers: "The heavens show God is great!" Psalm 19:1
  • Older Preschoolers: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1

Worship Videos

Coloring Sheet

For Parents of Elementary-Age Children

Each week a "Parent Link" is sent from BH Kids to your email and includes access to the current Gospel Project lesson children receive during our on-campus Sunday morning gathering. We are providing this for the present time for families choosing or needing to stay home. The same access included in the Parent Link is also provided below for your convenience.

Children in Worship

Whether you are worshiping with us on-campus or in your home, now is a good time to help your children begin to develop good listening and note-taking habits. “My Worship Gathering Notes” has been created with 1st and 2nd-grade readers in mind. Many older children are able to use the worship guide provided for adults. You know your child best and can determine which guide is most beneficial for him or her. You may print either guide for use wherever you are choosing to gather for corporate worship.

Bible Memory Verses

Our Bible memory cards are available to download on your mobile devices, tablets, etc.