July 22, 2019 Update

It's Launch Week for our Campus Development Project and our Roots & Reach Initiative!

Equipment and a construction trailer have already arrived on campus. Within the next week or so, all this equipment is going to begin tearing up all of the asphalt that currently makes up the parking lot right outside our main worship center. That means we'll soon need to concentrate all of our parking in our other parking lots, which might make a longer walk for some of us. However, we'll have extra golf carts to be able to use as shuttles to help make things a little easier.

All of this initial site work is going to help us establish a strong foundation to build upon.

We also have the opportunity to lay a good foundation in God’s Word for an unreached people group through our first Roots & Reach Mission Project. We are going to help fund a Bible translation project for an unreached people group in Central Asia, which will involve providing for the translation of Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Hebrews, Revelation and Psalms 76-150. The total cost of this project is $70,000. That means we need to hit a Roots & Reach giving goal of $350,000 to fully fund this project. Once we hit that goal, we’ll release the funds and this project can begin. Then, we’ll share with you what our next project will be.

We’ve designated Wednesday, July 24, as our Roots & Reach Launch Day. We’ll have a special offering day later in September, but we’re asking everyone ready to begin giving to Roots & Reach to do so tomorrow and help us also lay a good foundation of giving to this initiative.