GLOBAL 2ND SUNDAY PRAYER TIME — We know it falls on time change Sunday, but God hears our prayers even on that day! Please join us at 8:00am on Sunday, March 10 to pray for one of our mid-term partners serving in North Africa. Families and children are welcome. We will meet in the Community Room from 8:00-8:45am. Set your clocks ahead and don’t miss it!

INTERESTED IN GOING MID-TERM? - If you are interested in spending 2 months - 2 years sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context and contributing to church-planting or church-strengthening efforts, contact Andrew Whitehead at

THE GLOBAL DISPATCH – War-time realities call for "dispatches" - urgent messages that need immediate attention and collective priority for the sake of the mission. This blog is intended to relay those urgent messages related to global realities that will affect how we pray as members, how we stay informed as global Christians, and how we partner together as a local church to advance the cause of the gospel to the least-reached. Global will be dispatching these blog articles every two weeks at

JOIN AN A TEAM – Are you wanting to get more involved globally? One easy way is through our A Teams. A Teams exist as the front line of Member Care for our BH Sent Ones. We use the model of partnership from Philippians to guide our A teams: Affection, Advance, Advocacy, and Assistance. If you’d like more info about this, please email .