Caring Well is an emphasis at Brook Hills to bring attention to the epidemic of abuse in our society and to equip the church to care well for those who have been abused. Below are ways to respond and resources to help you learn how to care well.

Additionally, as part of this emphasis, Pastor Matt taught a sermon on abuse from 2 Samuel 13, entitled "The God Who Runs to Tamar." Click here to watch or listen.



As our church moves forward in caring for survivors of abuse, here's a few specific ways to pray:

  • Pray for survivors in our faith family to have hope for the present and the future and to look to Christ as the source of hope.
  • Pray for the survivors in our faith family to have strength as they deal with the many ways their abuse has affected them.
  • Pray for those currently experiencing abuse to recognize life can be different, to have the courage to get help, and to identify safe people who can help them.
  • Pray for the survivors and people walking alongside survivors who will be attending the Caring Well Workshop. Pray that God will use this to provide understanding of how trauma affects people, to cultivate compassion, and to equip people with tools to use as they pursue health and holiness.