We want to encourage every member of our faith family to engage in meaningful, personal worship in the new year. Here are a few resources we recommend for daily Bible reading. Check out this video from Donald Whitney regarding the use of Bible reading plans.

Bible Tips & Resources

  • Guide to Personal Worship - Learn how to read, examine, apply, and pray the Word of God. We don't read just for knowledge. We read God's Word to know Him, have relationship with Him, and reflect His glory through our lives.
  • Bible Reading Partner - Consider enlisting a Bible reading partner. You can meet with them once a week to share: a) what you are learning, b) what God is speaking to you, and c) what you are obeying in response.
  • The YouVersion App - If you enjoy reading on your smartphone, the YouVersion Bible App is awesome! You can choose plans there as well. We suggest selecting a plan from their “Through the Bible” section.
  • Commentaries - Start with God's Word alone, but for deeper study, grab a Study Bible or commentary to understand the Bible more fully. Here are some commentary suggestions book by book.

Bible Reading Plans

  • Bible Reading Tracker - This plan allows you to read at your own pace, checking off chapters as you read them. The outline of books encourages you to vary between types of Biblical literature. (Helpful for unpredictable schedules.)
  • Key Chapters Plan - This plan is an overview of the Bible accomplished by reading one chapter a day, six days a week. You'll cover about a third of the Bible in this plan, but it includes many key chapters. (Good for self-accountability. A good starter plan.)
  • F260 Plan - The Foundational 260 Plan is from Replicate.org. It’s a chronological Bible overview, not exhaustive, and about two chapters a day. You'll cover two-thirds of the Bible in this plan. (Helpful if you need a day or two off each week.)
  • One Book at a Time - Another great way to deeply study God’s Word is to choose a book of the Bible and study it verse by verse, along with a commentary. See the link above for commentary suggestions. (A great plan for really digging deep.)
  • Beginning to End Reading Plan – A one-year plan that takes you through the Bible in order from Genesis to Revelation. (Good for an overview of all of the Bible.)
  • Chronological Reading Plan – A one-year plan that takes you through the Bible in chronological order, not book order. (Many are drawn to chronological plans, but because books are often not read in the same ways the author intended, this plan can be difficult.)
  • Two-Year Reading Plan – A plan that takes you through the Bible over two years, reading the New Testament and Psalms twice and the rest of the Old Testament once. (This plan has an accompanying devotional titled For the Love of God by D.A. Carson.) (Good for getting a balance of Old and New Testament readings.)
  • BiblePlan.org - You choose from various plans and the translation you prefer. Then, BiblePlan.org will send you daily emails with a link to your assigned reading for that day. That helps you stay current and is good for accountability. (Good for people needing reminders to read.)
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Also, check out this blog for more information on the importance of God's Word in our lives.