Chris and Liza lead a small group for elementary and teen parents. They meet in their home near the church campus on Thursday's at 7:00pm. Visitors are always welcome! 

Chris serves as the Communications Director for Brook Hills, and Liza works as a second-grade teacher at Westminster School at Oak Mountain. They're both originally from the Jackson, MS, area and have been a part of Brook Hills for close to 20 years. They're the parents of a daughter in High School who is involved in robotics and plays soccer, and a fifth-grade son who plays the drums and basketball. They enjoy being outdoors and can often be found at Oak Mountain State Park.

  • Location

    Central (Near Church)
  • Life Stage

    Elementary Parent(s), Teen/College Parent(s)
  • Type

  • Study Topic

    BH Small Group Guide
  • Childcare Provided?

  • Date/Time

    Thursday at
  • Recurrence

  • Leader

    Chris Kinsley
  • Contact

    Contact Group Leader

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