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Group Location Life Stage Type Day
Joleigh Woods North (459 Homewood, Vestavia) Singles 20s/30s Women Thursday
Olivia Whited North (459 Homewood, Vestavia) College Women Wednesday
Flowers/Lisovicz On Campus Multi-generational Women Wednesday
Kenwright (7:30am) On Campus Singles 40s/50s/60s, Empty Nesters, Legacy Adults, Multi-generational Women Sunday
Mom Time Small Groups - Wednesday On Campus Elementary Parent(s), Multi-generational, Preschool Parents Women Wednesday
Roxie Kelley & Andrea Tice (Wed) On Campus Singles 40s/50s/60s, Multi-generational Women Wednesday
Women's Community Group On Campus Singles 20s/30s, Singles 40s/50s/60s, Preschool Parents, Elementary Parent(s), Teen/College Parent(s), Empty Nesters, Legacy Adults, Multi-generational Women Wednesday

Many of our groups take a break from regular meetings from July 1 until school starts again. Don't let that stop you from inquiring.
The group may do some summer activities of which you could be a part.

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