Faithful Stewards of Our Resources

Our Financial Office ensures the faithful accounting and stewardship of our resources. Our church is supported by the donations of the faith family, who are following the biblical model for stewardship.

Give Now

You can choose to give to the church online using your credit card, debit card, or direct debit from your checking/savings account. We accept credit and debit cards for the simple convenience of our contributors. We do not encourage the accumulation of credit card debt as a lifestyle. For assistance with any questions regarding giving, please contact .

Give Now

Below is a list of funds to which anyone may contribute, along with a brief explanation of what each fund accomplishes in and through our church. We encourage members to consider our General Ministry Budget as their primary giving avenue and our other funds as over-and-above opportunities.

General Ministry Budget

Our regular tithes and offerings support the ongoing ministries of The Church at Brook Hills.

Give to the General Ministry Budget

Family Assistance

The purpose of the Family Assistance Fund is primarily to help the members of Brook Hills who have financial needs. The fund is also used at times to help those in our community who are in financial need.

Give to Family Assistance

Debt Reduction Fund

These funds are used solely to pay down the loan taken out for the recent construction project.

Give to Debt Reduction Fund

Global Offering

The Global Offering supports members of Brook Hills sent out as mid-term and long-term missionaries, Brook Hills members' mission organizations and strategic partnerships for the ultimate goal of church planting, and provides financial assistance for short-term team members.

Give to Global Offering

City Ministries

This fund goes directly to help partner churches and nonprofits, our initiatives, and members of the community when immediate needs arise that are not covered by our budgeted funds.

Give to City Ministries

Stewardship Report

For the week of July 14, 2024:

  • Weekly Goal $178,500.00
  • Budget Receipts $121,742.41
  • Designated Offering $5,310.80
  • Year to Date Goal $4,998,000.00
  • Year to Date Received $4,761,370.11
  • Over (Under) ($236,629.89)

Global Offering

  • Received this Week $2,905.34
  • Received to Date $139,865.68

Family Assistance

  • Received this Week $766.78
  • Received to Date $54,392.33

Debt Reduction (Building)

  • Received this Week $845.34
  • Received to Date $25,642.12

Yearly Contribution Statement

The church sends out one annual contribution statement to contributors following the end of the calendar year in which your donation(s) was given. This will be sent via email or by mail if an email address is not on file. Questions about your contribution statement can be directed to the Financial Office at 205-313-7777 or .

The Budget

Tithes and offerings given to the church are administered based on our annual budget. Copies of the budget are available at the church. Any adjustments to budget amounts are made with the approval of our Stewardship Ministry Team.

2024 Budget