We all struggle with anxiety to some degree, but how do we know if it's to a point where we need help addressing it? How should our faith affect how we respond to anxiety and depression? What's behind these emotions, and what can we do both proactively and reactively to address them?

The Bible doesn't leave us in the dark when it comes to how our faith should affect our feelings. In this workshop for College and Singles 20s/30s Ladies, counselor Alice Churnock from Covenant Counseling and Education Center will help us understand symptoms of anxiety and depression, why these emotions occur, and how we can address them.

Invite your friends, and join us in Room 130 at 7pm on Thursday, November 15.

Room 130 is located in the Main Building on the hallway that is past the doors Worship Room on the right.

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    Ashley Chesnut · 205-313-7790