Being a part of this faith family has been one of the greatest joys of my life. God has taught me so many marvelous truths through the Word as Pastor David, alongside many other God-fearing men, have faithfully preached the Scriptures. One key facet of the Christian faith that has been instilled in me is that worship is not just what one does on Sunday, nor is it limited to the time one spends in the Word each morning with the Lord (though it certainly includes these beautiful elements). Worship is an intricate chain of moments that make up one’s life. More than that, worship is something that cannot be constrained to one’s own life, but it must be shared and spread into the lives of others in order to truly reach its crown and fullness. Therefore, to enjoy God and glorify him to the ‘brim’, so to speak, means that we bring the message of the gospel to the world around us.

To quote John Piper, “…the joy which is our Christian duty to pursue does not reach its climax in private communion with God. Rather, it reaches its fullest extent only when it is compounded by the joy of seeing others share in it with us.”

Jesus once said in a crowd of people that the greatest command is for man to love God with all his heart and love his neighbor as himself. (Matthew 22:37-39)

In light of Jesus’ words, consider then, how worshipful it is to share the gospel. If our God is a God who’s aim in all of redemptive history from before the ages began is to glorify himself, than what greater way to show our love for God, than to live in light of and share God’s amazing story of redemption, making him known in our families, neighborhoods, corner stores, and coffee shops?

And on the other hand, if we are to love people as we love ourselves, then we must ask the question: “Would I want myself to live and die and never hear about Jesus? Would I want myself to go to hell?” No way!

Therefore, what more simpler or sweeter way to love and worship God and love my neighbor as myself, than to tell them the gospel?

It is true: making Christ known to those around us can be disheartening at times (maybe all the time!). I know in my own life, I am tempted to despair because I’ve fervently prayed and shared the gospel with all my unbelieving family and friends and have yet to see any of them come to follow Jesus. I once sent out a Facebook message to every person I knew from high school, sharing the gospel and offering to grab coffee with anyone who might be interested in hearing more about Christ. Not a single person took me up on my offer. More than that, I was told to “keep my superstitions to myself” and that “people like me give Americans a bad name.” Those were some of the nicer words that were spoken.

If we base our life on experiences, we will constantly be troubled and tempted to believe that the gospel just doesn’t work. We’ll be tempted to think that no matter what, God is never going to save anyone, no matter how many times we ask Him, no matter how many times we share the gospel. However, there is something greater than our experience that compels us to press on. It is the Word of God. Therefore, by the grace of God, through faith in His
infallible Word, let’s press on to worship God like Psalm 96:2-3…

“Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!”



Mandi Mapes has been a part of our faith family since 2008. She serves on the Worship staff, here, at The Church at Brook Hills. She and her husband, Bill, live in Homewood. Mandi’s first album, Til I’m Home, was released in 2011.