What is Brook Hills doing about the Syrian Crisis? What is our ongoing plan?

For the last four years The Church at Brook Hills has been actively engaged in strengthening field partners and a small local church in the Middle East that is directly helping Syrian Refugees who are fleeing their country.

In a country that borders Syria, there is a church, a small group of believers who live within sight of the Syrian border. When the civil war broke out a few years ago in Syria, a few families came across the country’s border and landed in the town where this church just so happened to be. They had nothing.

This church, less than forty people, knew that they needed to take care of these refugee families. So they collected all of the resources they had to help these families with shelter, food, heat, and clothing. And they brought them into the church for care. Since then, hundreds of thousands of refugees have come across the border and are living in camps. God has multiplied the church’s efforts, given them favor in their obedience, and now they serve as one of the main bases for supply distribution for refugees. The pastor and church members visit refugee families every day. They all have the pastor’s cell phone number. People call every minute of the day asking for more food, a heater for their cold tent, blankets for their children, and the church is working to provide.

Through all of this, the gospel is being spread. As these believers meet the basic needs of their neighbor, they bring the hope of Christ. Many have believed. Many are being discipled.

The Church at Brook Hills has had the privilege of strengthening this local church in a few ways over the past three years:

  1. We have sent multiple Short-Term teams to serve and help the church distribute goods and make home visits to care for refugees.
  2. We have sent a team of Mid-Termers to serve alongside field partners and the local church for one year. They were able to work in the local hospital, make home visits each week, and support the overall efforts of the church’s outreach to refugees. 

  3. We have sent financial resources to help support a local community center where Syrian refugees can receive basic care, do normal things like wash their clothes, receive skills training, and interact with local believers who want to help them and share the gospel with them. 

Ways you can participate and help in this ongoing plan to support Syrian Refugees: 

First – PRAY

  • It is estimated that over 6.5 million Syrians have become displaced because of the war and over 3 million of those are refugees.  Pray for God to comfort those who have fled and now find refuge in different countries.  Pray for God to give wisdom and fortitude to world leaders who have the power to intervene.
  • In many instances, churches and believers in other countries are reaching out to help provide for the physical needs of many Syrian refugees.  Many Syrians are hearing the truth for the first time.  Pray for God to open the hearts of Syrians to Christ who can save them.
  • Pray for God to use this turmoil to bring openness to the gospel, and that many will become transformed by Christ and become reproducing disciple-makers.
  • There are thousands of Syrian children who have been forced to flee with their families.  Pray for God to protect this generation of children who are experiencing harsh conditions and deadly realities.
  • Pray for Brook Hills partners in Turkey and Jordan who are currently receiving Syrian refugees into their countries.  Pray for God to give wisdom and resources to provide both physically and spiritually for those they are receiving.  Pray for the church to extend its hand and welcome those who are displaced.
  • Pray for God, the one who has all power over creation and history, to bring about peace in Syria for the good of those who live there and for his glory among all nations.

Second – GIVE

  • By giving to The Church at Brook Hills Global Offering, those resources will continue to go towards projects like the community center in this area and also go to help Brook Hills send more Short-Term and Mid-Term teams to serve among refugees.