In Galatians 4 Paul tells us how we have been miraculously and graciously transformed from slaves, estranged from God, into sons, dearly loved and welcomed into His loving embrace. It was not enough for God to merely set us free from the slavery of our sins but as is His desire to commune with us and have fellowship with us, He invites us into His home to share all the wonderful joys of being in His family. Not all are called children of God, but only those that have been adopted by Him can claim this blessing. However, this sweet gift of adoption is free and open to all who will receive it...oh what a glorious truth!

It is a joy and privilege to live out the earthly version of adoption in this life...a faint glimpse into the beautiful plan of God to redeem His people back unto Himself. The journey of adoption reveals to those who embark upon it, a unique perspective into the great mystery that is God’s love and redemption. It offers a glimpse of the adoptive parents’ pursuit after their lost children who they know belong in their home but have not yet been restored to them, a glimpse of the enormous price that is paid to redeem these children to their home, and a glimpse into loving those that were previously “not my people” that it can now be said that “you are my people” (Hosea 2:23).

These perspectives that adoptive families gain provide clear and specific understanding of God’s redemptive plan that they could never have otherwise. But they also face challenges, joys, heartaches, victories, obstacles, and triumphs that are unique to families that adopt children that have been abandoned and traumatized by the sin of the world.

With this in mind, we offer a prime opportunity for the church to be the church, to gather around one another and share in the joy and the burden of the journey of adoption. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 1 that God comforts us so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we have received from Him. Those who have traveled a few miles on the journey are directed to come beside those who are just beginning the same trek and shepherd, guide and comfort them as they go, offering them the peace of knowing that they will emerge on the other side sanctified with renewed faith and a deeper knowledge of the God who loves them and sent them on the journey.

This is the intent of the calling of The BH Adoption Community Group. We desire to share in the journey with all adoptive families, whether to offer comfort and guidance to those in the initial phase or to laugh and cry with those who have been on the trek for years. We need you there whether you need the loving arms of a seasoned veteran family to lean on or if you are that veteran family who is called to serve those as their shepherd.

We meet the second Sunday of each month at 6:00pm at the Student Building beginning on September 13, 2015. Childcare for birth through 5-years-old is provided at the Main Building and the older children may partake of activities with trained supervision in the Worship Room of the Student Building.

We would love to have any adoptive families, families contemplating adoption, or those that simply want to support and encourage adoptive families join us on this crazy, blessed ride.

Connect with us by emailing or finding us on Facebook at BH Adoption Support.

The BH Adoption Community Group is led by Bill and Kim Christenberry, Michael and Brandy Dahlen, and JT and Sheryl Turner, all experienced adoption veterans with a passion to help and support others on the same journey.