These videos were shot today by our Short-Term team in India. This team, led by Brook Hills elder Dale Kendrick, is working with our partner Neverthirst to teach women how to properly care for the water well in their village. With proper sanitation led by these women, the entire village will reap the benefits of clean water through the local church.

As the team arrived in one of the villages they are working in, the people greeted them with a beautiful celebration filled with dancing, music and flowers. This act of hospitality and excitement is humbling to team member Tiffany Bittner as she describes what she is experiencing.

During the day class is held outside with the women of the village. First lesson - how to properly care for the water well that the village gets clean water from. This is important for the health of the village and sustainability of the well. Please pray for the times of teaching and that God would use our team to make His name known to the people you see in the video.