The whole reason our partner, The Footstool Project, exists is to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ to the remote, unreached people of Nepal’s Himalayas.

As the seedbed for both Buddhism and Hinduism, the Himalayas are home to some of the world’s most unreached people groups. In fact, 239 of Nepal’s 250 people groups remain unreached, with nearly 475,000 people belonging to the 23 Tibetan Buddhist people groups who call Nepal’s Himalayas home. And these people are unreached for a reason.

First of all, they are very hard to get to. The Himalayas represent a geographical barrier to the gospel. 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world are in Nepal. To reach the villages within this magnificent mountain range, our partners at The Footstool Project have to take a vehicle as far as the road goes and then trek long distances with altitude changes in the thousands of feet through incredibly difficult terrain. However, despite the geographical and spiritual challenges, The Footstool Project remains determined to see these people groups counted among those reached with the gospel.

An essential part of this work is their Remote Mobile Discipleship Training Program, which trains students from Tibetan Buddhist backgrounds who have found faith in Christ to equip them to return to their villages to provide health and hygiene programs while also carrying out evangelism and, prayerfully, discipleship.

We at Brook Hills have been actively involved in this program for the past few years through your giving to the Global Offering. We’ve been able to sponsor these students, their training, and the ministry they have in places and with people we don’t have the opportunity to reach. Today, we’re not only asking you to consider giving to the Global Offering to help us continue this work, but we’re also asking you to lift up these students in prayer, asking God to grant them boldness and to use them mightily to carry His gospel to the peoples of Nepal’s Himalayas.