Today's post was written by Debbie Watson. She is married to Clark Watson, and they lead a small group at Brook Hills.

I have a wonderful small group. A really wonderful small group. Several weeks ago we were talking about and praying for members of our small group who have gone overseas to minister in a most dangerous area. We were recalling all the events they had told us about in their latest update from the mission field. They told about people they had the opportunity to share with, doors God had opened to begin relationships, health issues that the Lord clearly was taking care, the language classes they were in…on and on. They are totally trusting God for everything and were keenly aware of His presence and His hand at work.

Then, a very precious lady in our small group said, “What if we had to send an update back to the church about what we are doing to advance the Kingdom? What if we had to say who we had shared the gospel with over the past month? What if we had to tell ways in which we had seen God at work over the last month? What if the church was looking to us for an update?” Whoa – What? Me? A newsletter telling all I was doing with the opportunities God is giving me right now to spread the gospel, to disciple someone around me? A most uncomfortable and sobering thought! But one that has stuck with me, nonetheless.

Am I too comfortable in my day-to-day life that I miss opportunities? Am I missing opportunities because I’m "looking" too hard for them? Do I overanalyze situations instead of just sharing Jesus?

What would my update look like? It’s time for me to ask God again for fresh eyes and ears. For fresh wisdom and boldness. For Him to nudge…um…shove me out there when doors are cracked to share about the most important thing in my life.

Are you aware of God at work around you? Have you become desensitized to the your everyday world that you may miss opportunities? hake us awake, Father, for Your glory.