One of the challenges in sending people to serve overseas is distinguishing between those who are ready to be sent and those who are not ready to be sent by the church. Prayer, wisdom, and dependence on the Spirit are essential in the assessment and sending process. We desire to send members who are faithful, competent, and qualified. We want to send those who live above reproach, have demonstrated spiritual maturity, and are equipped to make disciples in a cross-cultural context. We want to walk with you in this process as you seek the Lord and discern his next steps in your life. 

If you are thinking and praying about possibly serving overseas, here are some qualifications we look for and questions we would ask to begin a process to see if this is the right time in your life to serve:


  • Follower of Christ
  • Member of The Church at Brook Hills
  • Involved in a small group
  • Meet Deacon expectations (1 Tim 3:8-13)
  • Affirmed by the Global Team and Global Ministry Team
  • Commitment to go through our development process and training

Questions to Consider:

  • Can you share your testimony and communicate the gospel clearly?
  • Do you share the gospel when the Lord provides an opportunity? 
  • Do you love the church? Are you actively involved and serving the church?
  • Do you know how to disciple and teach someone how to study the Bible?
  • Do you enjoy being around internationals?
  • Do your small group and friends affirm this decision?
  • Does your life reflect a lifestyle of humility and servant leadership?
  • Does your prayer life reflect dependence on the Lord?

There are also some things to consider that might make us want to pause in sending you at this time, or possibly keep you from serving overseas. These are some areas to consider:

  • Financial: Do you have any debt? If so, how much? Are you willing and able to raise support?
  • Family: Is your family opposed to you going? Have you talked with them about the possibility?
  • Sin: Are there patterns of sin in your life that might keep you from being faithful or that could delay you from going? Pornography, Drunkenness, Anger, Etc….
  • Medical: How is your health? Are there any medical concerns or issues that might hinder you from going?
  • Relationships: Is there any unresolved conflict or a broken relationship? Are you engaged or getting engaged soon?

If you desire to begin a process to serve overseas, consider the questions above and talk with your small group, family, and friends. If they all agree they see these qualities in you, reach out to the Global team to begin the process. Even if you feel you may not be ready or that you don’t meet all the qualifications, please reach out! The church is designed to equip and walk alongside you as you prepare to serve. We desire to make disciples of all nations - here and abroad. So if you are not ready to go yet, we hope that you will still be faithful to make disciples here. We want to be lovingly clear with our expectations of what would make someone ready in the future if they are not ready currently. 

All of this seems like a lot to consider. Know that the Global Team is here to help. If you don’t know what to do next, reach out. If you have questions, reach out. If you just want to talk through the possibility, reach out. We are here to help. Contact