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During this last Secret Church, we spent concentrated time in prayer for persecuted brothers and sisters in the horn of Africa. We heard from a particular married couple from a country in the horn…we’ll call them John and Andrea. When John and Andrea came to faith in Christ, John’s father virtually kidnapped John and Andrea’s children and hid them from John and Andrea. They still don’t know where their children are today. So on the night of Secret Church, we prayed that God would restore families to one another, particularly families where new believers are experiencing persecution and separation from the people they love most.

Well today, I had a conversation with a woman in the horn of Africa who is a Brook Hills field partner in this part of the world. She is the one who initially introduced us to John and Andrea. As we talked, she shared how John was going into various villages and sharing the gospel with anyone he can. In one particular village, he ended up sharing with a group of 30 men at one time, and all of them ended up repenting, trusting in Christ, and being baptized! John returned to Andrea and shared what had happened, and John told Andrea that it would be good for someone to go and share the gospel with these men’s wives. Meanwhile, the wives of these 30 men were remarking that there was a marked difference in their husbands, and they sent a message to John asking him to send his wife to share with their wives. So Andrea went and shared with the 30 wives, and 27 of them repented, trusted in Christ, and have been baptized!

As our Brook Hills field partner shared, we praised God together for all of these new families that now have the gospel…and are spreading it. Keep in mind that this is an extremely unreached people group for whom, clearly, it is costly to follow Jesus. So…thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for John and Andrea to be reunited with their children. And as you pray, praise God for how He is using this couple, at a great price to them, to restore multiplying numbers of families to Himself.